At HYPERTEXT Studio, we realize that the art of writing is a marathon not a sprint.  Writing means rewriting, reworking, being open to trying new forms and, perhaps, even switching a story's point of view.  That's why we use a wide variety of teaching methods to get your story on the page. Find out more HERE.

One of these approaches is The Story Workshop® Approach to the Teaching of Writing.  The Story Workshop® Approach is a teaching methodology designed to closely resemble the complex processes of many successful writers.

This method stresses the principle of attention, seeing-in-the-mind, and oral telling to facilitate the writer's discovery of what they want to tell and how to tell it.  The approach works from the stance that everyone has a story to tell and their own unique language(s) at their disposal to tell that story.  The approach puts a lot of faith in the writer's experience as a human being; collecting life experiences, vivid language, images and ideas.  The ideal workshop brings in a wide range of voices and content into the semi-circle, giving permission and challenging students to bring the wealth of their experiences, and as Junot Diaz says, their "many tongues" into their writing.

Not all courses use the Story Workshop® Approach to the Teaching of Writing.  For example, specialty classes (like Science Fiction Writing:  Through the Lens of Tomorrow) do not use the Story Workshop® Approach but all of our teachers are experienced writers who have long used their teaching experience and wisdom to help people like you get their words and vision on the page.